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To be your best self means loving who you are, feeling confident in your own skin and achieving your fullest potential.

 We all have different dreams, that’s one of the things that makes us unique. But whatever your goals are, the skills you’ll need to achieve them are the same. This book can help you to practise these core skills and provides a survival kit for dipping into when extra help or motivation is needed.


No need to worry if you don’t yet know what your big goals are, this book helps you work that out. Maybe you just need some tips for boosting your confidence, staying positive or thriving in everyday life. Looking after yourself is an important theme of the book whether that be eating healthy food and exercising, sleeping well, knowing how to deal with bullies or being kind to yourself.

Author Nathan Kai and Danielle Brown

Nathan had discovered a bit of a problem....


He was seven years old and he wanted a book for Christmas to help him turn his big ideas into a reality. He wanted to learn how to become the best version of himself so he could achieve some big goals and reach his fullest potential, but there was nothing out there. He and his mum visited lots of book stores and spent a lot of time searching online, and kept coming up empty handed. There were lots of personal development books out there for adults, but nothing to help children navigate the twists and turns of growing up which can sometimes feel overwhelming.


When attending a MENSA event, he met double Paralympic gold medallist Danielle Brown MBE. Nathan knew this was a great opportunity, and asked her whether she had written a book for children on how they could be the best they could be. When Danielle said no he then asked whether he could write one with her.


That was the start of an exciting journey, where Nathan and Danielle discussed, planned and wrote the very first book like this in the WORLD. Be Your Best Self provides a kit for self-growth, success and happiness, and facilitates the growth of emotional intelligence and positive mindsets. It's a recipe that empowers children to thrive, shine and be the very best they can be.

Meet the authors


Nathan Kai & Danielle Brown MBE

About Nathan

Nathan is Twelve years old and very determined to achieve his goals - one of which has been to become a published author. Nathan is a member of MENSA and his intelligence shows.  He is a prize winning linguist, grade 5 pianist, and Bronze national and European medalist in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He’s educated otherwise. He swims like a fish and thoroughly enjoys the challenges of writing. He’s thrilled that his hard work is paying off and he is looking forward to helping other children feel happier, more secure and confident in achieving their goals too.

About Danielle

Danielle started archery on her fifteenth birthday after her disability stopped her from taking part in the sports she loved. Three years later she was on the Great Britain team, jumping in as World Number 1 and hanging onto that position for the rest of her career. Danielle won gold at the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games and retained her title in London 2012, as well as winning 5 World Championship Titles. She became the first disabled person to represent England at the Commonwealth Games (and win gold) as an able-bodied athlete. 

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Every child deserves to be the best they can be. We want to teach children essential life skills for health, happiness and success and we need your support to do this.


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Be Your Best Self:

Life Skills For Unstoppable Kids

Book Nathan and Danielle to Speak


"You made me believe that I can achieve anything I want."



Inspirational Speaker - Nathan Kai

Nathan's stories are touching and effective, sharing his experiences of World Championship level Martial Arts and educational pursuits. Demonstrating wisdom and compassion beyond his years, he understands many issues that children face today, from bullying at school, parental separation, or overcoming unexpected setbacks. His motivational messages of empowerment through resilience, discipline, growing a healthy support team and being your own best friend are things that all young people can relate to. Nathan inspires young people to be true to themselves, develop a positive mindset whatever the circumstances and go forward to be the best they can be. 

Motivational Speaker - Danielle Brown

Danielle takes young people on an exciting journey, delivering key messages about resilience, dealing with failure, learning to think positively and the importance of authenticity. Speeches that inspire young people to think about what they want from their future and leave them with the motivation to make it happen.
Mindset is the key ingredient in success, and Danielle shares strategies and stories from the world of elite sport. With over a decade experience of speaking in the education sector, Danielle has inspired over 30,000 students to date. Danielle has an honest and engaging approach, which captivates her audience and raises their level of thinking.

Book Nathan and Danielle To Speak

Nathan and Danielle deliver inspiring workshops and speeches with big impact messages. 


These sessions get children to understand what being your best self means, how to make the right choices for successful futures and develop the perseverance to get there.  

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