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Be Your Best Self

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

We have some very exciting news!

Our first book Be Your Best Self is coming out this September. Written by double Paralympic gold medallist, Danielle Brown MBE, and nine-year-old MENSAN Nathan Kai, YOUNGEST self-development author in the world.

Authors Danielle and Nathan

Be Your Best Self is an exciting new self-development book for children, but it’s so much more than that.

It is a recipe for success, happiness and positive esteem. It’s a comprehensive framework that encourages children to raise their aspirations and turn exciting dreams into a reality. It’s a thought provoking career tool, a vital people skills asset, a modern day confidence builder, an engaging life-hack, and it empowers children to make the most of – and create– opportunities to lead bright and successful futures.

Opportunities that EVERY parent wants for their child.

Our vision is fuelled by Nathan’s determination to become the very best he can be. He wanted a book that would act as a guide to help him realise his dreams and reach his fullest potential, even in the face of life’s adversities. But Nathan found a problem – there wasn’t one out there.

So he decided to do something about it, teaming up with Danielle, a world class athlete, renowned public speaker and inclusion champion, to make it happen.

We all have the capacity to achieve great things and this starts by laying strong foundations. Be Your Best Self equips children with a ‘supply kit’ for success. This kit contains a range of ideas, strategies and suggestions that develop skills in a positive and encouraging way. From helping children understand and figure out what success means to them, to building self-esteem and confidence, and learning the important components of self-care, each chapter gives important insight and practical tools to achieve the success they are capable of. Amidst emotional IQ builders, come chapters on building resilience, making the right choices and ensuring we follow the important components of good self-care.

Above all it lets children know that they are special, unique, valuable and important, and that they can achieve their dreams. We can all be BRILLIANT if we work hard and develop our strengths and weaknesses.

Writing this book has been an incredibly fun journey, bringing together our unique perspectives and skillsets to create innovative and exciting guidance that children can really relate to, and empowering them to become their best selves. Children are capable of achieving extraordinary things with the right mindset and support structures in place.

We are thrilled to be working with Button Books who have shared our vision and helped us turn it into a reality.

A little bit about Nathan and Danielle...

Nathan is a nine year old member of MENSA and his intelligence shows. He is a prize winning linguist, grade 4 pianist, UK and European title holder in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He’s educated otherwise, and is determined to achieve even bigger goals. He swims like a fish and thoroughly enjoys the challenges of writing and creating this book. He is looking forward to helping other children be happier, more secure and confident and in achieving their goals and fullest potential.

Danielle started archery on her fifteenth birthday. Three years later she was on the Great Britain team, jumping in as World Number 1 and hanging onto that position for the rest of her career. Danielle won gold at the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games and again in London 2012 as well as 5 World Championship titles.She became the first disabled athlete to represent England at the Commonwealth Games in the able-bodied team, and won gold. Danielle uses her story to inspire, wrapping solid strategies around it to empower people to unlock their potential, break through barriers and achieve more.

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Hi Danielle and Nathan, this books sounds amazing, i can't wait to read it! I work for the National Literacy Trust and we are all about encouraging and motivating young people to reach their potential, i am also a dad to a 7 year old who I am sure will love the book too. Keep up the good work!!

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