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Happy Valentine's Day

As valentine's day arrives the shops are aflurry with hearts, flowers and chocolates. The emails have been pinging into our email accounts from flower companies, ticket sales associates and other various corporations to buy things for the people we love. Take a moment to reflect on what love really is. It actually, of course, costs nothing. It's got nothing to do with materialism, that's for sure. Love is a divine, deep, energy, frequency and feeling - a state of being. It's about gratitude: gratitude for ourselves and gratitude for others. Gratitude for the world we live in. Gratitude for it's place in the universe. Gratitude for the universe at large.

It's a time to say "Thank you!" and remind ourselves, that above all else, love starts with ourselves. Of being our own best friends. Self-love abundance. With ourselves and with our family. Our history. Our ancestry. With taking care of ourself - simple self-care steps that can begin each day with the little things, like ensuring we spend some time each day making space for ourselves, just being, in our own company, with no distractions, to work on our own inner sense of peace and well-being.

To make changes each day that come from a place of love and acceptance for the beautiful little people (or not so little people now!) in our lives. To feel the interconnectedness of everything in humanity and nature at large. To spend time with those we love, our family, just being. Alone, and together. Feeling the wellness flow.

This valentine's day, perhaps try something new. Start a new tradition. A family tradition. Perhaps try not to be taken in with romance, candlelights, consumerism, distractions, flirtations and butterflies in the stomach. (No judgements, but I'm sure we all know a few people in this digital fast paced age to whom that might apply!) Instead, make this valentine's day about love: love for ourselves and love for each other. Try to be rooted in our selves, our Earth, and our ancestry as a human race. Rooted into our hearts, in what's most important to us, in our future generations, and the future of the human race - our beautiful youth of today. Our children.

This is love. We are all love.

We are already love.

Let's spend his year celebrating that.

Our interconnectedness through love, through the heart, through our ancestry to everbody else; to every other human on the planet. Let's show our young people what that love really looks like - let it shine. It starts with ourselves! It starts at home...

When we feel love and live our lives with love, we are truly being the best version of ourselves that we can.

Nathan likes nothing more than to spend time with his family on Valentines Day. As part of their family tradition, they make each family member a heart, and say something kind to each other, every single year. They keep the hearts safe next to where they sleep, so that they will always know the love and family connection that they have, no matter how dark the night.

Family time and connection is everything.

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