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What Does Being My Best Self Mean To Me?

I’ve always had big aspirations for my future. My head was filled with ideas and my heart was brimming with ambition. Life is a blank canvas of possibilities just waiting to be explored - to paint the picture of the future you want.

But figuring out exactly what I wanted from my future and how I was going to make it happen was hard. In a world of infinite options it sometimes feels difficult to know whether you are making the right choices to create a masterpiece, or whether you are one step away from failure.

I fell into archery in my teens and what started out as a hobby quickly became a career. As I rapidly climbed the ranks, I wanted to make it to the top. I wanted to find out how I could turn an ordinary girl into something extraordinary. In my search to achieve this goal I kept being drawn back to one factor.


In sport I believed that in order to get the most out of me as an athlete I had to get the most out of me as a person. Once I got this part right and everything was working in alignment, the results on the sports field would come.

And they did. I had this awesome sports career that just got better and better. Year on year I outdid myself. World records, world titles, world firsts. I pushed the boundaries of my potential and redefined what I thought I was capable of.

Being your best self is not just about having a string of accolades to your name. These are not the things that define me as a person. Instead true achievement comes from within. When we accept ourselves for who we are, feel confident about our abilities, and have the courage to keep pushing forwards then we can make something truly spectacular happen.

And this begins in childhood.

The messages we receive as children shape us into the adults we become. Empowering children to grow into the best versions of themselves is an essential part of developing more confident, resilient and independent individuals. Having a solid foundation acts as a launch pad to build successful, happy and healthy lives.

Whilst I came from a wonderful place of love and support, I didn’t grow up with a book on how to become the best version of myself. Having a recipe for success filled with advice and guidance would have got me to start thinking about the actions and choices I could take to take me one step closer to my goals. It would have let me understand that success isn’t just something we can obtain but something we must become.

You can only ever be the best version of you. The beautiful thing about the human race is the endless spectrum of differences that it has to offer, so being your best self is different for each and every one of us.

And what does it mean to me?

Being my best self is about living life on my terms. It’s about redefining what I think I’m capable of, recognising my limitless potential and achieving the things I put my mind to. It’s about being equipped with the tools to deal with anything thrown my way and the ability to approach challenges with a smile on my face. For me, it’s also about empowering others to break through barriers in their lives, paving their own path to success. But most of all, it’s about accepting and appreciating the value I have to offer and finding happiness in my daily life.

This isn’t something I stumbled upon, but something that I work on every day. And by doing so, not only does it increase my chances of achieving my goals, but I am happy being me.

What does being your best self mean to you?

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Be Your Best Self is being released in September 2019

Written by Danielle Brown MBE and Nathan Kai, this exciting new book for children is a recipe for success, happiness and esteem. It’s a comprehensive framework that encourages children to raise their aspirations and turn exciting dreams into a reality. It’s a thought provoking career tool, a vital people skills asset, a modern day confidence builder, an engaging life-hack, and it empowers children to make the most of – and create– opportunities to lead bright and successful futures. Opportunities that EVERY parent would want for their child.

Positive and practical, Be Your Best Self empowers children to be happy, be confident and become the best versions of themselves.

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